Is it better to have short, healthy hair or to have long hair with burned tips?

I’m obsessed with having long hair but my hair is burned on the tips. I can’t chose which is better.

Answer #1

Short Healthy Hair :D thats what i have lol….. i burnt all my hair lol and then cut it and now its short and healthy :D

Answer #2

just trim it abit once and awhile but urself. thts wat it do

Answer #3

Healthy hair all the way!! Just cut off the burnt hair/dead ends and you’re be fine. If you use heat products such as a curler to your hair, spray a heat guard product so it doesn’t get burnt as easily.

Answer #4

Short healthy hair, but you can still have long healthy hair. Just cut off an inch or two, use reparing conditioners/shampoos & use argan oil. Argan oil makes SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE. Go without straightening/curling/blow drying for a few weeks, if you can’t bare with that then atleast use heat protectant spray/seriums. Also, if you don’t wash your hair for a week straight it gives it a chance to repair all it’s natural oils & that will make it a little healthier. Hope this helped !

Answer #5

You can use supplies like Pantene breakage to strength shampoo. It helps fried hair. You can get it from a grocery store, or Sally’s beauty shop.

Answer #6

If your hair is burned on the tips, it will snap and eventually be short and still unhealthy anyway. You should have the tips cut so that the hair can be strong and healthy and grow faster without breakage.

Answer #7

Short. It always grows back.

Answer #8

Short and healthy, long damaged hair will spit up to the roots, making it thin and eventually it will break off and be short, stringy and damaged. It is possible to have long healthy, just take care of it when its growing back out.

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