What is the best brand of sneakers for school?

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..do you mean what brand of sneaker is more fashionable for school?
because if you really want to know what the best brand for school is, meaning shoes that'll last you long, look good as well as be comfortable..

I don't know id go for new balances- original style. they're pretty affordable. they lastt forever..

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Starbury. They aren't cheap, they are "affordable" but they have lasted me longer than any other shoe I've ever worn, it looks good, and I got mine signed by a Danny Heatley and he said I had cool shoes lol :).

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Converse every body has
the and they are actually pretty
cheap at the mall but I love em...

sneaker cut the top of my foot.
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Vans, Converse anything really haha

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I use "vans" I have mine for over a year and its still lasting :-)

they have kewl designs too, my 1 has puppies on em

Im 13 and in middle school but I want to be noticed
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If we are talking about sneakers for sports. For sports, the best choice of sneakers will be brands like Nike or Adidas, but there are also very good companies, but not so famous. In this case, it is better to look for them among certified stores that do not put on their shelf a Chinese replica.

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