How to stop red bumps after shaving legs?

my legs get all bumpy with red spots every time I shave, I have tried it 100 different ways, in the shower dry with shaving gel, with shaving cream, waxing, hair removal cream… I get the bumps, dose anyone get the same problem? can you fix it,

Answer #1

It happens to me everytime I shave and I always feel really embarrassed when people see. My mom ses its because my skin is not mature enough yet.

Answer #2

Yeah, I think it is common, well, I think that it is just because your skin needs to get used to it, seeing as though you have tried lots of different ways, you skin is probably having to deal with a lot, I would just stick to your favourite way and soon your skin will sort itself out ;)

Good luck, this happened to me as well by the way

Answer #3

I get it too :( I hate it but my aunty gave me this aloe vera gel. its clear in a big bottle and its really soothing it doesnt work miracles but it stops the redness if you put it on just after you shave :)

Answer #4

Put down your loofah; dermatologists now agree that rubbing the bumps to free trapped hairs will only make the problem worse. Instead, apply an OTC acetylsalicylic acid (a.k.a. aspirin) solution twice a day for two to seven days to gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin. (Try Soft Cell.) Once you shed this layer, the looped hairs will be able to poke through. A cortisone injection, administered by your dermatologist, will decrease inflammation in bigger bumps. If ingrown hairs are a persistent problem, you may want to consider laser treatment, which damages the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. You’ll need about three treatments (each around $350) followed by a touch-up every six months to a year.

Answer #5

There’s a product over here that takes it away called vaya smooth. I don’t know if you’ll find it where you live, but it might be worth a try. It’s a roll on gel type thing that is specifically formulated for razor bumps and shaving rash and whatever you get. I use it and it really clears up my ingrown hair. If you can’t find it funmail me and I’ll list you the ingredients so you can maybe ask your pharmacist if they have something similar.

Answer #6

They’re ingrown hairs, if you’re old enough to be shaving, you should know that it’s not all fun. o.0

Just use a pumice stone on your legs (gently) after shaving, and keep them moisturized.

It happens to me everytime I shave and I always feel really embarrassed when people see. My mom ses its because my skin is not mature enough yet.

That’s because she wants to prevent you from growing up, what she said is /not/ true/. -.-

Answer #7

I have that to

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