Answer #1

I do both. Sometimes (more likely in the Summer), I shave my legs to balance out my tan when I’m in the sun so that they don’t look as white. I’ve waxed a few times, but it takes longer so I stick to mainly shaving.

Answer #2

Does It make your legs itchy? Or Is that just me? :LL

Answer #3

I didn’t know boys shaved:LLLLLL

Answer #4

Just shave

Answer #5

The first week when I shave, it actually gives me many cuts/bumps. After the first week, my legs begin to feel smooth with no bumps/cuts. I shave because I work out a lot, and removing hair helps me see what I need to improve on certain parts.

Answer #6

Wax. I hate shaving, it grows back so fast and I’m too lazy to do it daily. Waxing is great, only end up having to do it once a month or so.

Answer #7

shave >.<

Answer #8

shave >.<

Answer #9


Answer #10

I shave, it’s pain-free. Just the way I like it.

Answer #11

i had them waxed before, didnt think it hurt

Answer #12

shave, but waxing is way better.

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