What's the best shampoo for dyed hair?

what is the best shampoo for dyed black hair? I recently dyed my hair and I love it black, but it fades into brown even though its permanent. I use tresemme shampoo for brunettes, and I dont trust pantene even though they have shampoo for “midnight” colored hair. Please help I want to keep my hair up!

Answer #1

Good answer if you can’t find it in your area Google Armstrong McCall and find a local store they can not sell to you but tell them your needs and they can tell you what you need and a local salon that will Carry the products your looking for. . . . Trust me My family owns a small salon and rents out chairs to beautician.

Answer #2

“I used this permanent hair dye called ion from sally beauty supply.”

She posted that in a new question…I posted it here for her so it makes sense :)

Answer #3

Did you go to the salon to have your hair colored black or did you do it yourself? If you did it yourself, tell me what you used.

Answer #4

anything sulfate free!!!

Answer #5

Hi i use sunsilk for colour treated hair its works really well good luck

Answer #6

welll. i use loreal vive shampoo. for color treated hair. it works pretty good in my opinion.

Answer #7

Hello I have a friend that dyes her hair often. She has really thicke hair and her color stays in for about 6 months. She uses Garnier Fructis Color treated shampoo and conditioner.

Answer #8

Also, shampoos containing sodium laureth sulfate (instead of sodium laurel sulfate or ammonium laurel sulfate) are less harsh on hair, and dye will not fade as quickly.

Answer #9

Hello i have put bblond on my hair and its sill abit ginger in parts do u know any thing i could use to take it out thanks

Answer #10

yes,but would it get rid of the rednes thanks

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