Sexy pictures(guys only please)

My boyfriend currently lives 8 hours away.
But he is ALWAYS asking for "sexy" pictures.
I have no idea what he thinks is sexy.
So what do you guys think is sexy??
Please help.

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Well,there is tasteful sexiness & then there's just flat out porn! What I think in this case is most appropriate being that you are in a relationship is the keyword,(tasteful). Remember this is your boyfriend & although you want to make him happy you also want him to continue to respect you. So remember to make the picture's seductive,sexy,but most of all within good taste.I mean if he wants to se porn there are plenty of free sites where he can access that pretty easy. What he wants is to see the love of his life in a light which makes him not want to rip off your clothes & nail you to the bed! He wants(& you need!) him to see you in a light that makes him want to slowly undress you & passionately make love to your body.Make him work for it,use some imagination a little. Show some skin but not over do it.Show him a sexy G-string,but make him take it off in his head. When you finally do get to be together again it will make that time a lot more passionate!Hope this helps!

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4 hrs ago you posted this>**So I have never kissed guy before
I've known this guy for 5 months (friend of family tho)
&& this summer he is coming to see me.
I do not know why but he likes me.
&& He wants to be my first kiss.
How can I make my first "special".
&& not be a bad kisser??
Please help =\

AND THIS>**Okay not this summer but next summer
I am seeing my best guy friend,
Soon to be boyfriend.
He sees what look like ALL the time,
&& says Im perfect.
But I feel fat in a bathing suit.
My stomach and my legs.
How can I make those skinnier??
Dont tell me diet right exercise.
I already do.
I RARELY eat, && run atleast 2 hours a day
&& go to the gym every other day for atleast 2 hours.
Please help me =[

Now your saying your "boyfriend" wants you to send him sexy pictures? Theres a difference between a boyfriend, and a guy friend. Which is he??

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my boyfriend asked me for sexy pics and he wanted naked pics and everyone of my boyfriends wanted sexy pics and I aske what kind and they saif=d naked I said thats sexting and we both could go to jail so I wouldnt send naked or even close to nakes pics you will go to jail cause its in the category of kiddy porn

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I agree with uberalex0 everyone has there own definition of sexy but I like having sexy pics of my girlfriend as it helps me think about her when you live far away from eachother like you 2 do if he cant see you physically he can see you mentally, but I would ask him what he thinks is sexy so you can give him what he wants to make him happy. hope this helps

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Well, everyone has their own definition of sexy, so neither my opinion or anyone else's opinion on this site will guarantee that your boyfriend will find your picture sexy. If it's my opinion that you want, I think that legs are by far the sexiest part of a girl's body, and that you should always smile, even if it has to be a cute little smile, just remember to do it in your pictures.

Sorry if that wasn't much help, but good luck with your boyfriend :)

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I like on different pictures different things. On some it is the expression of her face, on other how her body or parts of them look like, on other it is the idea behind it..

The best way to show you what I claim as "sexy pictures" is, to show you other "sexy pictures" and talk about why I find them sexy.

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Yeah.. Two kids in the same age can't show each other what they have because it's labeled "child porn". What the f*ck.. <.<

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How far are you 2??? If you know what I mean... Oh and wear a really tight mini skirt for a shot at UPPER legs... LOL

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good light and a good pose always works... I dont care about how pretty a girl is, if you dont feel comfy in underwear or even naked, try vest top and hotpants, its about you as much as it is him. remember...a relationship goes two ways! email for more tips.

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i just ask my bf what he wants to see ussually.
but if you wanna get really sexy i do naked on top but cute panties and covering your nippes somehow. (sometimes i make little guns with my hand and cover 'em with two fingers)
also laying on your bed with panties on touching yourself. my guy likes that.
and i'm bisexual and the sexiest part of the body (mine or others...even guys) is definantly the back. so if you've gotta nice back, maybe take a pic with your bra unhooked and maybe your arms around the front of you so your hands are touching your back.
one of the sexiest pics i've ever taken was my back with no bra , thong and touching my ass or upper thighs with both hands.
if you don't wanna send that dirty of pics you can just put on a low-cut top or crop top, booty shorts and heels and do a sexy pose. (hands on your hip, leaned forward, hand on thigh, ect.)

hope i helped!!!

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