What are some sexual orented bands?

Answer #1

huh? could you explain?

Answer #2

Sexually oriented? There used to be these rubber bands people used to have at school that were different colors. The girls would wear them and the guys would come around and break them off the girls arms and then the color of the bracelet would determine what the girl does to the guy..You’d have to look up the color meanings, because I don’t remember.

Answer #3

Do you mean like bands that are very sexual? Because if you’re looking for something like that then lookup Blood On The Dance Floor All their songs are very sexual lol

Answer #4

Like, bands or singers that sing about sex, like Blood on the Dance Floor, or Dot Dot Curve.

Answer #5

lol i know them. They are my favourite band. but I want more like them. I’ve memorized all their songs, and need some other people to listen to so i dont get tired of them.

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