Can you get pregnant if you had sex with a tampon in?

Hello =]
Okay so yesterday I had sex while I had a tampon in.
I no thats not such a good idea but I was in the mood and I just held onto the string so I didn't get lost.
anyways he nutted in my cooch and we didn't have a condom. Can you get pregnant from that?

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that is almost impossible... and yes you will get pregnant... please go get tested .. and make sure that thing is out now... or you will get a hella infection...

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The tampon just got pushed hella far back and at one point the string got logged in there but i found it later.
Ive heard alot of story's where people have had sex with tampon and had to go to ER and get in removed. anyways that not the point my question ia what are then chances of me getting pregnant ?

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Seems really odd that you could actually have sex with a tampon in. I mean isn't the tampon in your vagina? How did he put his penis in there let alone nut as you say with it in there. This is a totally confusing one that don't make alot of sense.

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Of course you could get pregnant. It is possible to get pregnant while on your period. A tampon is not a form of birth control. Tiny sperm can swim right past it! I dont know how you could even have sex if there was already something occupying your vagina......

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Thats funny he nutted in my cooch!!! LOL. Why would you have sex with a tampon in you?? Its very possible you can get pregnanat anytime take a test in a few weeks.

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that is disgusting.
why the hell would you have sex wearing a tampon?
and duh. you can still get pregnant!!

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the guy had a small penis didn't he to be sticking it in while a tampon was there

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I dont understand how u did that but yes you can get pregnet!!!

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probably not. make sure he nuts in you some more

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