Sex, Orgasm, Vibrator HELP PLEASE.

I have a vibrator and it makes me orgasm, I can somtimes make myself orgasm with my fingers but only by rubbing my clit.

I have had sex once and it hurt so much.

I have a new boyfriend and I want to sleep with him soon, I know its gonna hurt and that and my boyfriend says sex will get better then it will feel amazing and I will feel no pain.

I’m worried that I have masturbated with a vibrator for 3 years and that I won’t be able to orgasm or even enjoy penetrative sex.

I really want to try sex with him but because it hurt so much with the other guy I’m scared aswell.

Please someone give me some good advice.

Answer #1

usually after the first time you have sex, it only hurts at the begin. and your masturbating well if you keep on you’ll start getting used to the touch and wont orgasm as if you plan on having sex then stop masturbating for at least a week before.

Answer #2

you should have no problem having sex with your boyfriend.if you have been using a vibrator you vagina should be used to the thickness and your boyfriend should be able to slid it in with no problem. but just in case tell him to go slow at first and when you get used to the pace whisper to him and say go faster and you will eventually get so used to it that he can start off fast..

Answer #3

there is no reason why you shouldnt enjoy penatrive sex. a vibrator is a good way to learn what feels good for you, and turns you on and will ultimately improve your sex life. if you find sex painful ask your boyfriend to go slow or try using a lubricant which should help the process and make it less unomfortable for you

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