Why is white stuff still coming out?

im a girl and I havent had sex 4 2days but white stuff (c*m) is still coming out is it normal

Answer #1

It is not c*m. It is vaginal discharge. Sometimes this is normal but you may want to see your doctor if you are itchy or if it has a foul odor. It may be a yeast infection.

Answer #2

you shouldnt be having sex if you need to call cum the “white stuff”. you may have a std. it is normal to have discharge but if its more then you are use to see a doctor

Answer #3

There’s no need in going to see a doctor.. unless it’s got a yellowish-greenish color to it then It’s perfectly normal – EVERY girl has vaginal discharge

Answer #4

seee a doctor

Answer #5

Its perfectly normal.

Answer #6

I have an allergy to cum, and so when my fiance and I were trying to get pregnant, I had similar problems. I have to take an allergy pill before sex to save me from the reaction. If allergy pills are safe for you to take, I’d try that. If you still have symptoms, get that new over the counter test for vaginal infections. If it says you have one, see your doc to get a medicine.

Answer #7


Answer #8

it is absoultly normal. I went to my doctor about this probem. its no big problem unless its yello or any other strange color than white or clean. im a thirteen year old that had this problem. its discharge, you’ll be fine(: - kylie.

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