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I ate at tgi fridays in new jersey a little over a year ago. my family and I just got seated and got our drink/appetizer orders taken. our waiter appeared anxious and uninterested in serving us. after a few minutes we saw our waiter come from the back and walk out the front door of the restaurant. we were a little confused but figured he was trying to find someone. well, long story short, our waiter walked out in the middle of his shift while or ours were put into their computers. their was mayhem and the subservient manager was able to beckon to our request. we decided it was just a fluke and didnt let it ruin our friday's experiences for the future. 2 weeks later in mid may 2008, an identical situation happened to us again. needless to say we were appauled and complained to corporate. has anybody he experieced this at a fridays as well? Or any other restaurant?