Serious question - how do i make my hair nappy?

I want dreads, and I've even had them before, but they've never locked. The first time I got dreads, they were alright. They started getting nappy, but they did not lock! I took those out, and someone else did them. This time they were like little curls, but eventually, they too got nappy, but still didn't lock.. Took those out, then went to a professional person. I walked into his shop, and it was in a pony tail and I asked him if he could put my hair in dreads. He said it was a little too straight for him. Me and my mom had a laugh at that, I mean hey, I'm black..we don't have straight hair. So I went to the person who did them the first time and he said, yea, your hair is too straight. But even so, he tried his best and he put my hair into a bunch of small twisties. I didn't really like those so I took them out. Now here I am with braids. Advice?

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A year of braids? Or did you mean dreads.. Cause I haven't heard of braids lasting longer than a month, lol. Anyway, it might have been even harder to do because before I even had dreads the first time, my hair was long enough to put in a pony tail.

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maybe you need to make your hair as nappy as you can get it,but don't put any thing in it, then lock it. or get some loking cream and put it on the hair while doing the locks. And if that doesn't work put it in tiny braids for a long long time a and trust me they'll grow into locks or sister locks which is very cute if you give them time to form and grow out.

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I had them in at first for like...2 months, lol. I probably should have kept those in. And I was kind of scared to wash them cause when I wash my hair when it's just out, it shrinks. So I only washed them a few times. By TLC I'm guessing you mean the locking gel? Yea, I was pretty lazy on twisting them everyday too. If I do get them again, I'll just let my cousin twist them like every week or something.

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okay I have dreads to and my hair is exactly like yours. dreads take time. be patient with straight hair your dreads? twist will actually take 3-6 months to lock completely. im on my 10th month of dreads now... but ima give advice I mean if you still want them.. go on dreadhead and order the super kit or just do it with a thing of wax.. its so simple.. and it works so good my hair locked on th4 1st jar of wax! good luck man

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how long did you wait, when I first got mine I thought my hair was too straight but I just didnt wait long enough , waited for 6 months before they started to lock up it takes patience and a lot of TLC the more you wash the tighter they get, also what kind of produce are you using?

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ok, my friend(or former friend) from 3rd grade, her entire family had dreads, now she has them. she left her braids in for about a year that may have been a little more than needed, but it has 2 b more or as long as a school year (like 9 months maybe?) probably cause yur hair is so striaght, LUCKY!

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