When is it proper to use "nor" & "or"

When is it proper to use “nor” & “or”

Answer #1


Either + or

Neither + nor.

Answer #2

I didnt say you use or with neither?

And uhm seriously, Im not trying to be annoying, but when correcting someone, try and use the right sp? close (not colse) and neither (not neiher)

Answer #3

nor could be when your comparing things (sorta) like for example like I don’t like snakes NOR spiders.

example of or is…which do you like better Jonas Brothers OR My Chemical Romance?? See?? how it works now??

Answer #4

you mean like neither this nor that? either this or that?

I think you use nor with neither, and or with either

Answer #5

Nor and Neither are used when you are expressing a negative but without using the word NOT:

Do neither THIS nor THAT. Do not do either THIS or THAT

Not very good sentences, but hopefully it gets the idea across. Good Luck!

Answer #6

Sorry, Angel was sort of colse but you can’t use or with neiher. Neither this nor that. Either this or that. Not to burn anybody I’m just a geek. Hope it helps.

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