Sending pics from computer to phone.

is there a way to send pictures from the my computer to my phone?

Answer #1

depends on the phone you have as well as your pc.

You need both a phone and a computer that can either take bluetooth or infrafred (don’t even know if that is used often anymore)

Answer #2

Like oneandonly said,it depends on your phone,my mom was able to do that cause she once used Sprint but quit cause the bill drove her off the wall. Contact your cell phone carrier about how to do this,every phone is different.

Answer #3

Depends on what kinda phone you have. For most phones, there are transfer cables you can buy.

Just have to make sure its the right onw for your phone.

Answer #4

umm I dont think so you could try entering your phone numer into the email address bar an seeing if it will work

good luck jamie

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