How much should I sell two large tubs of teen/adult clothes, on Craigslist?

Answer #1

What types of clothes? If it includes jackets and dress clothes charge a little more, id ask around $75 dollars for both tubs. Used clothes usually dont sell for too much on craigslist. I just sold two bags of toddler clothes for$60.

Answer #2

It’s a lot of different things. T-shirts, tank tops, dress tops, shorts, jeans, sweaters, jackets. They are all in nice shape no stains/holes. Some of the items are basically new, I bought them and never wore them, or I only bought them and wore them a couple of times.

Answer #3

Why not try a Plato’s store

Answer #4

I don’t know what that is…but I just want to use Craigslist. Thanks.

Answer #5

plato’s is a shop, they wont take used clothes. it really depends on the brands of clothes you have and how much they costed you when new, also the condition of them and if there still like-new.

Answer #6

if they are all in good condition, no stains, rips or tears and are from a smoke free home I would list them for about $2.00 a shirt. But it also depends if they are dress shirts or regular T shirts. I used to do ebay quite regularly and adult clothing doesnt sell as good as kids clothes. Mark them about 10% of what you paid. So if you paid $15 for a shirt, you might get $1.50 for it, but if you sell it in a large lot, you might get less. Try to sell them in lots of maybe 7-10 items per lot. Seperate the clothing by size also. No one is going to buy a tub of clothing with a bunch of different sizes when they are going to pay for some things they done need. Also helps to have pictures available for them to see, maybe in sets (1 shirt for every pair of pants or shirt).

Answer #7

Thank you! :)

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