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Hi I’m 15 and this year I have read 52 books . And I want to sell them online one problem I don’t a credit card and I don’t want to use my parents because they will stay with the money after all I was the one that bought them with my money So is there any website that I can sell my book for a good proportion without them asking for credit car I’m fine with checks they send it to me I send the books no problem bt I don’t know any weebsite like that

Answer #1

Im not sure about websites but you can go to hastings or half-price book stores and you can turn in used books for credit to get new books or probably anything they sell in their store. Sorry but I dont know any websites that sell stuff without credit cards…

Answer #2

The best thing to do is bring your books to a local bookstore to trade them in, or sell them directly to a used book store. I did that in college a few times (eg, sold them if i needed money, or traded them in when I wanted more books).

Answer #3

That is a great question. I am an employee at I wanted to let you know that we buy books online. Everything is done at no cost to you. We even pay for shipping. Check out the website. Our Customer Care Team is amazing and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I hope that this helps!

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