Any nicknames that go with selena?

Hi. As you know, my name is Selena. All my friends have a nickname except me. Any nicknames that go with Selena? Thank you.

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I have a best friend with that name its spelled different but pronounced the same we call her Ween dont ask why cause no one really knows go with something that describes you like you could use something from your last name or something like my brohter is just called by his last name so

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I have a friend named Selena, and my boyfriend's little sister's name is Selena too!! my friends and I call my friend Selena - Lena and as for my boyfriend's little sister we call her SeSe (CiCi)...
ahaha... but I think Lena is more "age appropriate" for you =)

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My name is Selena and my friends call me Nina a lot

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lina but that sounds kind of gay

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how about selly?

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lol my name is selena my friends call me selly selenabear lena and pookybear and silly selly there all cool awsome names for girls with the name selena

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