how do you select a reading book?

Answer #1

A lot of times the title and the cover appeals to me first. But then I always read the back to see if it interests me. Of course don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some of the most amazing books have ugly covers.

Answer #2

It’s also good to know what genre you prefer.

Answer #3

I always choose my age group and then read the Back page of the book,if it is in my interest and I know I am investing in something that I would enjoy or it will help me,I go select it.

Answer #4

I agree 100% :)

Answer #5

For me, I know I love everything new age…so I always head for that section first to see if there is something interesting. If I dont, then I try something else…i also look at the title & check the back to see if it gets me hype…if not, then i choose something else…

Its always good to know what interests you as in a particular subject! If not always look for other things that interest you…that is what I do!

good luck.

Answer #6

If I walk into a library I usually look for the books that look slightly more worn, they have a nicer feel to them, plus I know other people have also read them which means that it couldn’t have been that bad. Then after that I look at the cover and read the back page to see what it is about and whether I would like it.

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