What do I select when applying for this scholarship (click for info)?

I’m a senior in highschool, but I’m taking college courses at the community college as a part of Running Start. I’m applying for a scholarship and it’s asking me “Are you enrolled in a college for the Fall of 2010?” should I write yes or no?

Answer #1

Yes you would say yes… But if you are doubting you should go talk to your counselors at the college

Answer #2

You’re not enrolled in college since you’re only taking courses from a college; not the same thing, I would mark “no” but you can do what @emogurl4life suggested and talk to your counselor for verification!

Answer #3

First of all, congratulations on your efforts! I predict that you will do well. Secondly, you are not yet enrolled, so, “No”. However make sure that you mention about your college classes, as well as all clubs, offices, and extra-curricular activities that you are involved with. Any volunteer work is highly regarded by scholarship committees. Good Luck!!

Answer #4

Thank you all so much! I ended up saying No because I thought it would cause less confusion.

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