Why should there be a seat belt law?

why should there be a seat belt law???

Answer #1

There should be no law for the seatbelt if you are over 18.It is your choice I like to call it freedom.The gov, is not worried about your life just on how much control they can get over you.You are allowed after all to ride motorcycles down the road with diesels. No protection at all.I ask were is the people common sense.Safe unsafe it should be your choice not the gov.We the people not we the gov.

Answer #2

there shouldn’t, It all comes down to natural selection: if you are dumb enough to not simply buckle up and think that seatbelts don’t help, then don’t wear one! We spend too many tax dollars and waste too many resources protecting stupid people!

Answer #3

Furthermore, it’s common sense to wear a seatbelt. Honestly, it’s really not a big discomfort compaired to what could happen to you. It’s a law because the 911 emergency workers don’t want to have to scrape people off their windshields everytime there is an accident. That sounds harsh, but speaking as a witness, it’s really unpleasant when someone you know is permanently damaged simply because they neglected to wear their seatbelt. My uncles friend wasn’t even driving that fast, but a car hit him and he flew through the windshield. Luckily he survived, but he lost an eye (due to the glass shattering) and has a huge scar down the side of his face. In conclusion, You must wear your seatbelt, even if you think you’re a good driver because you can NOT count on the other drives to keep everyone safe.

Answer #4

dude seat belts can save lives and take them, I’ve heard of people dying when they go into a river or a body of water because they couldnt take it off, wear it if you want

Answer #5

By not wearing your seat belt you are not only putting your life in danger. You are putting other people’s lives in danger especially if there’s other people in the car with you. You could fly backward or foreward and seriously injure someone in the car with you. You could kill the driver and other people on the road.

Answer #6

There shouldn’t be one. Even if it’s safer to wear your seatbelt, it should be choice if I want to wear one or not. You people save “it’s safer” I think I should be able to decide that for myself. It’s my body I’m putting at risk, and if I don’t want to wear a seatbelt then I should be able to make that choice without facing legal penaltys.

Answer #7

I don’t know! I found out that most people who wear a seat belt and get into a car accident end up seriously hurt or dead! one of my friends got into a car accident and if she wore her seat belt she would’ve died cause the other car hit her side but luckely she flew across the car and livED!!!

Answer #8

To prevent unecessary deaths due to motor vehicle collisions! I guess they think that once you get a ticket for it, maybe then you will be smart and buckle up! :)

Answer #9

Because it can save lives. It smart to wear a seatbelt. *It teaches it to your kids, that way your kids will learn to be safe and wear one, so that in their future if they ever got into a car crash they could save they’re own life.

Answer #10

because what if your in the passenger seat and no seat belt on you stop really fast go through the window land on the road get ran over and die hope I helped.

Answer #11

A lot of people see seatbelt and motorcycle helmet laws as violation of their personal freedoms. They feel that they have the right to engage in behavior that endangers nobody but themselves.

Others argue that society has an interest in protecting its memebers; at times even from themselves.

In the end it comes down to how much personal freedom we want and how much protection. The dividing line will move each way depending on how many intrusions we allow for our personal rights and our risk tolerance.

My solution would be that should someone get in an accident where their not wearing a helmet or seatbelt contributed to the severity of their injury that they alone would be responsible for their expences. Where there is freedom there is responsibility.

Answer #12

A colleague was in a bad car accident. She was seriously injured, but her life was saved by her seatbelt. She told me (as we drove along together!) that if she’d been wearing her seatbelt a little tighter she would have had almost no injuries at all. Having learned all that she did, she made sure she told everyone about seatbelt safety. I found it very convincing to listen to someone who had real experience of a car accident. I’m happy that I live in a country which has seatbelt laws.

Answer #13

So you don’t shoot thru your windshield and kill somebody on the sidewalk…not that it’s every happened…just in CASE it does…

Answer #14

for safety and different thing like that…

Answer #15

so when you get in an aksident you dont go through the window

Answer #16

probably because they dont want you to fly out of your windshield.

Answer #17

Its pretty clear why we have to wear seatbelt. It can save lives!

Answer #18

Yeah, but ‘suicide’ is illegal. And it technically follows the same topic. If you WERE to get into a bad accident. And died because you were not wearing your seatbelt. The fact that you choose not to wear your seatbelt makes it partcially suicide. Because you were putting your own life at risk.

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