Security ideas to keep my neice out!

okay,so I am a teen girl. I have an ANNOYING little niece and she always wants to

see whats in my bedroom... so I got out my video camra and conected a long wire

from it to a little green tv in my bedroom, and I put the camera by my door. so now I

can see if she is trying to get into my room! any more security ideas??

I was thinking about some kind of speaker outside my door and a mic in my room so I

can turn it on and say "go away!" when she trys to get in.

but any ideas how? or any other security ideas?

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Yes locking it would be the best solution. Otherwise have a serious talk with her instead of the sneaky stuff =P

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lol buti like all the cool stuff lol
and I do have a lock

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Maybe you can try to lock your room's door? I think this is the best method. ^^

I know my cousins AIM password, gimme ideas

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