What's your secret?

What’s your secret? Just something intense or not that you want to let out to people who will never meet you and cant personally judge you? I just think this would be a fun post!

Answer #1

I am secretly in love with my ex boyfriend jesse I wrote about him on my profile he made my life sooo special even though he broke up with me on june 6 2008 we actually started datting on a monday April 5 2008 and I really think I truely love him he was wonderful he treated me great he was always there for me no matter what happened he would go shopping with me and I would try lol to play sports with him EVEN THOUGH I SUCK AT ALL SPORTS lol but he never made fun of me sooo to make along story short well yeah I love my ex!!!

Answer #2

I want sex more than my husband does. I tell him that its ok when he says he doesn’t want to have sex, but I am secretly angry about it all the time, and also beginning to feel very insecure about myself. the worst part is that other guys that have heard about my predicament say that my husband is crazy and that they would kill to have a girl who begged for it all the time. that should make me feel better to hear that, but it makes me feel even worse.

Answer #3

…when I have time, I review member profiles for inconsistancies and either disable or delete them…

also, I remove people who get too many complaints, b/c this is ‘funadvice’ and it’s not fun if people feel picked on.

The secret is: it sucks, sometimes. But, I get a lot of compliments from people on the site, so it’s worth it.

Answer #4

in grade 1, some girl in the bathroom when we want to wash our hands at lunch took of her pants and almost took of her undys butt the teacher came in and she got suspended. I think she became gay after that.

Answer #5

Oooh I have another one. I forgot when earth hour was on and didn’t turn my lights off so I felt bad later when I realised… hangs head in shame

Answer #6

I hang out with people that I cant stand. It sucks because I wanna tell them SOO bad what I think but I dont because im WAY to nice.

Answer #7

I was fighting off tears at school today.

Answer #8

haha good secrets!

Answer #9

I think I have a phobia of soup :|

Answer #10

I’m absolutely pissed that my friend had sex after dating a guy for only 3 weeks. And she lost her virginity. I told her I was dissapointed in her…but the truth is… I hate that she lost her virginity so early and that she lost it after only dating a guy for 3 weeks. I haven’t told her how mad at her I am. Anf yet, I’m jealous…

Answer #11

Im totally crushing on one of my best frinds! (im a guy, shes a girl), but she has a boyfriend and I dont think she even knows I stare at her ALL the time!

Answer #12

I hung out with my boyfriends ex girlfriend,and we were “friends” up until February when I stopped hanging out with her because she always mentioned my boyfriend and her past.. like them having sex. The secret is I was NEVER her friend.

Answer #13

im pregnant with baby no 5, son no 5, but I really wanted a girl! thats my secret and I don’t care if I get judged bcos ill love him no matter what!

Answer #14

I once stole a chocolate bar from the shops…please don’t judge me :)

Answer #15

that am bi

Answer #16

im a flying squirrel

Answer #17

I kissed a girl and I liked it…

Answer #18

I was going to have soup for lunch…

Answer #19

…incest when I wad 6 or 7, haunts me all my life

Answer #20

Used to be on the drugs a lot 1-2 years ago but stopped :)

Answer #21

I stuck mi hand in the toilet which was full of my lil sister’s pee to save her stupid earing it was SICK!!!

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