Who secretly hates cats because of their demeanor?

A dog loves you and misses you. Cats on the other hand don’t care if you live or die as long as someone else lets them have their way because they are selfish control freaks, not to mention just creepy and untrustwhorthy. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kill one, unless it was in self defense

Answer #1

Personally I love cats. They can actually be quite affectionate when they get used to you.

Answer #2

Don’t get me wrong, I adore dogs, but I also love cats. They remind me of myself :P

Answer #3

A cat can love and miss you also. Cats will greet you whenyou come home if you have a close relationship. No offense, but you don’t seem to know much about cats, only stereotypes. I like dogs, too, but cats have all different t personalities. They are fiercely independent and they are a lot like furry, tiny humans.

Answer #4

I dont mind them but i dont like them because they kill other animals for no reason other than to play with them , but its not their fault

Answer #5

Have you ever thought perhaps you were the problem? Because your little rant sounds a little strange. Control freak? How exactly are you going to put a label of control freak on a cat? It’s a cat. Exactly what is this cat controlling? As for selfish and untrustworthy. What exactly is the cat supposed to be sharing and with whom? And how exactly is a cat supposed to betray someone’s trust? This isn’t like a person in a tiny fur coat. It’s a cat. And as much as ancedotal evidence isn’t something I favor, my cat comes running when I get home. Even if I just went out to pick up the mail, she acts like I’ve been gone forever. Also when other people are in the home, she apparently just hides out till I get there (even though my mother constantly showers her with food and treats). Apparently not all cats are evil

Answer #6

Yes I agree with u abt how cats r but most animals r like that. Dogs a special! :D But I do not hate the little guys 4 it they just don’t have a heart is all. :D

Answer #7

Easy Tyra, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just my strange humor that you didn’t get and that’s ok. Alright, I’m allergic to them for one thing and don’t like em walking on the kitchen table, clawing the furniture, ect. ect.ect. Maybe they remind me of something very painful if you read between the lines. We have a cat at work and I actually feed him,let him out and back in when he wants. But a relationship we’ll never have. TTYL

Answer #8

i openly hate cats. never have liked them and never will

Answer #9

I understand. What in the %^&* are we gonna do to keep em away from us? Every city in the world has a problem with stray cats and even rural areas are starting to have a problem. Even the cat lovers can’t take em all in though many will try.

Answer #10

self defense or not I will kill a cat - don’t like those freaky creatures

Answer #11

Kitty, might your feelings about cats have something to do with your name?

Answer #12

Ha ha ha ha ha……………

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