Science how respiartion

whats the relationship between
1.)aerobic & energy
2.)energy & ATP
3.)anaerobic & oxygen
4.)fermentation & anaerobic

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1. arobic resparation is the production of energy in the presence of oxygen

2. ATP is the form of energy produced in the chloroplasts(in plants) and mitochondria(in animals) that is usable by the cell to proform nessesary tasks.

3. anairobic resparation is when a cell produces energy when there is no oxygen. this process begins in the human body when you exercise intensly. it is generally called chemosynthesis

4. fermentation is when the body uses chemicals to produce energy because there is no oxygen present. basically it is the body produceing alchol and through this reaction coming off with energy

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ATP is adensosene tri phosphate (sp?) it is produced by cellular respiration in the mitochondrion of a cell. It is important for all living things, because it is ENERGY! ATP is like gasoline to a car. ATP production happens in the presence of enzymes and is when nutrients are broken down into energy. MITOCHONDRIA!

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