What is science?

what is science and what is not science?

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Science is the systematic study of a topic. It uses a methodology called the scientific method to investigate unknowns, and to attempt to find what is real, what is speculation, and what is false. Part of the process is to make predictions based on what is known or suspected, and to test whether the predictions are accurate or not. If they are, it reinforces the hypothesis that the scientist is using. If they are not, then the hypothesis may need to be changed until it CAN make accurate predictions.

Science deals with things that can be counted or quantified. A compound can be said to have a certain percentage of a given element; a fuel will give off a known amount of energy when burned. Some things are harder or impossible to quantify. You can't say that one person is twice as lovely as another, or that a given motorcycle is 50% cooler than a given car. These comparisons are very subjective - that is, they are subject to the judgment of the person doing the comparison.

By this definition, things like astrology are not considered scientific fields, whereas astronomy is.

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GOD has created every things to work in a special way some of them we know the formula I.e when the moon come when the sunset pressure of air and the water ect. in the subject we achieved is SCIENCE AND others are SUPER SCIENCE

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science is how things work, or theory's on how things work which have been tested in experiments and shown to work.

it is basically a study of the universe around us, how our bodies and animals bodies work, forces and everything else.

what is not science is religion. religion is an idea of something that nobody can experiment, and therefore doesn't belong in the realms of science

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