School starts on sep19

What are some cute stores I can buy new clothes at?:)

Moneyyy iss not an isscue, I already have sooo many hollister,abercrombie,ae,clothes.. And I want to have a new style.

Preferabally where selena gomez buys her clothes!!! Hellpp:)

Answer #1

I’m not sure if you have these stores near you,but I hope this helps Lots of clothes that looks similar to what celebrities are wearing can be found at rue 21, charlotte russe,forever 21,papaya,etc.

Answer #2

new store called madewell its a combination of delias and abercrombie/hollister a little on the expensive sidee but adorable things.

Answer #3

im not sure what type of clothes you like but forever 21, hot topic, papaya, charlotte russe, rue 21, hollister, and even macy’s and jc penny’s. lol.

Answer #4

Ha my birthday is on sept. Maybe jc penny?

Answer #5

Pac sun zumiez

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