school help me

I not good in english how do I get better

Answer #1

were are you from??

Answer #2

study more.. I doubt you like to read but it will help.

Answer #3

Go to tutoring, or ask your counsler and they will put you in a lower class

Answer #4

Study more. Pay more attention in class. Get a tutor.

Answer #5

if you go seek your english teacher for help in a free period or something, they really apprecieate it.

Answer #6

start reading a lot. that is how I got my english marks up. it’ll help with spelling and grammar and then you can go to tutoring for the rest.

Answer #7

I have exactly the same problem as you and I only like came to terms with it like when I put as much effort in as possible. I really felt like noone thought anything of what I did . My english teacher was a complete freak and pervert. And in the end I upset myself like sooo much because this annoying boy got moved up insted of me . You just need to like be happy with your best. My English still upsets me.

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