Does your school use "Blackboard" or "Moodle"?

Answer #1

“White board” if it’s a dry erase board and “black board” if we’re in one of the older buildings that still have chalk boards in the classrooms. :D I’ve never heard of the term “moodle”. :D

Answer #2

There computer programs. haha.

Answer #3

The schools here use SMART Boards.

Answer #4

My school used blackboard. I have never used Moodle. I love blackboard! It was a great way to keep up with your grades, contact professors, and download content for the class. Super convenient.

Answer #5

Our School Uses Smartboard

Answer #6

We use SmartBoards mostly or white boards. We tried Moodle…it sucks xD

Answer #7

My college uses the internet based program blackboard (which I’m guessing it was you’re referring to) Like chartreusechick said, it’s very convenient but it’s also great for the environment. Some professors/Teachers use it more than others.

As for in classroom use, Dry Erase Boards and Smartboards! (both at my college and now being used at the local high schools.)

xox Sika

Answer #8

My college uses Blackboard Academic Suite. :)

Answer #9

Yup we use blackboard. Or they do. I’m no longer in school :(

Answer #10

We use the literal blackboards.

Answer #11

OMG I USE MOODLE!! :D im glad some body else does. We use it in my band class and for those who have no idea what i am talking about its a forum site that high school teachers can use and upload curricular material in to the site. We have to like record ourselves playing songs and exercises and upload them as mp3s. I’m so glad I found this question cuz i totally forgot I have an F major scale that needs to be uploaded by 11 tonight!

Answer #12

yep i live in kansas and we use moodle btw its basiclly homework assignments u get off of the district site.

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