School ban on purses

My school just put a ban on purses!! Hoodies too!! And backpacks!! Ugh it makes everyone so mad! Anyway, I have two questions: 1: is this even legal?!! and 2: what can we do to get it changed? Were planning to wear hoodies and walk around with purses anyway, plus throw pads and tampons all over the school. Possibly petition. How can this new rule be stopped?

Answer #1

What’s so bad about packpacks?

I hate school systems. Too Nazi-like in my opinion. Uniform this, ban that.

College/University/Polytech is sooo much better. No uniforms, no rules on appearances etc. Faaar better.

In NZ it’s legal. Probably is legal anywhere you go. Although I’m open to be corrected on this one.

Answer #2

It’s legal and bucking the system will only make it worse - find out the reason/s this policy was enacted.

Answer #3

Are you in middle school? Cause when I was in middle school they banned all of the same things too.

Answer #4

Yes, it’s legal, and it’s for your safety. There’s close to nothing you can do about it, and throwing tampons and pads all over the school not only won’t get anything done, it’ll prove to the administration that you guys don’t deserve to get what you want, because you’re whiny children.

Answer #5

ugh you should come to my school.

No hair dye at all, no make-up, hair MUST be tied back and fringes clipped out of the face, all bags MUST be black, no hand bags, no camera phones, coats must be black and plain, girls must wear skirts and so on.

I think a few people from my school went to court to try and change the rules, but they lost.

Answer #6

yes it is legal you need to protest, make a petition, and give a proposal to the school board. good luck

Answer #7

ok. my school has banned all phones and all bags and purses and all so some people have made petitions. but dont throw tampon and pads all over the school because that will definately not make them want to change the rules and. just show them that you are responsible and also maybe make a petition. dont let the subject drop though. keep talking about it. maybe, instead of covering the school in tampons and pads, maybe you should cover it in sticky notes that protest like “bring purses and hoodies back” or something. and when they ban that, keep putting them everywhere. under desks, on the lockers. on the bathroom mirrors, all over the office doors and front doors. all over the walls. and if they still dont listen, at least will irratate the snot out of them:D

Answer #8

okay… yeah it does suck to not have purses and such.. especially for girls. but I would rather carry a tampon in my pocket than have someone carrying a gun in their bag, and shooting up the school. and thats probably the reason why they’ve been banned.

and yes, its definitely legal- pretty much, you have no rights at school. they can search you, your locker, and your posessions without any real reason… it sucks. but it is legal.

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