Have you ever seen Amityville Horror?

have you ever seen Amityville horror

Answer #1

its ok but if you want to be scared read a book theres no scary films anymore there all slasher films or monsters from some test there doing in a lab full of muppets that leave the door open or someone broke in to a major lab with the army as security there rubish make a real horror film and dont get me started on zombie films what a stupid concept flesh eating undead give me a break I like freddy and jason but there not scary more action movies and why is it the blone dim girl runns up the stair and locks her self in the bed room with no windows be real if that happend you would run out the house next door let the guy next door die and why do young football players always think they can stop the bad guy be real your going to die war of the worlds was great no one thought it would be the flu that would save us but it did the writers should try harder

Answer #2

I have seen both the oroginal and the remake. They were both well put together.

Answer #3

yeah I saw it! I thought it was so freaky when I saw it the first time than I was like…wow this isnt even scary and it actually turned out more funny than scary!

Answer #4

The movie was blown out of proportion. biggest mistake to make when making the origional was to cast two well known actors. (another two in the remake) Makes it a lot less believable. The real guy behind the killings killed his family and then pleaded insanity. Hollywood took the head lines and ran with it. the only truth in the horror was that the family were killed by the eldest son. full stop! He’s still rotting in prison to this day, now wouldnt that make a better horror movie?

Answer #5

yeah - I saw the one made in 2005. It wasn’t bloody or gorey at all. I expected it to be really scary but all the killer kills is the dog!! Yeah poor thing but come on. Although the beginning is good because it shows you the “based on a true story” thing with the newspaper clippings and extracts of police interviews that actually happened about the whole family who lived there before were murdered.

It is a very emotional film though.

Answer #6

The original movies are the best to watch. The remakes are all pretty lame.


Answer #7

That movie was creepy and scary!!!

Answer #8

yea its stupid not scary it was funny to me hehe

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