How to get rid of acne scars?

It will be a great help if any body suggest me how to get rid of the scars left by the pimples during my tender age.

Answer #1

Buy a cheap bottle of uncoated aspirin pills and any clay face mask product (I used St. Ives Firming Mask which is availabe at Walmart/Walgreens). Take about five to six aspirin and a DASH of water in the palm of your hand (note: a DASH of water)to dissolve the pills into a baking soda-like paste and add a nickel size drop of the clay mask to it. Leave this mixture on your face until it dries, wash it off and scrub gently, this really helps exofoilate and reduce those pesky acne scars and helps with breakouts, too. Even the first time you use it, you WILL see a difference. It’s not earth shattering, but you will see it. Anywasy, hence the previous answers, I usually apply Walgreens brand Vitamin E cream at night which helps even my skin tone and scars. This aspirin mask should be used about two to three times a week. And on this final note: make sure to use SPF during the daytime to prevent further darkening of any scars!!! I know it sound kind of complex, but it’s not, just try it. My skin has never looked as good as it does now. Good luck to you!

Answer #2

i got da same thing. I large red scar on face, right. my doc gave me red eye drops, i wouldn’t use that though becasue they don’t WORK!!! i heard crunched up asprin takes out the redness. just keep useing vitamin e oil.

ps. DON’ pick at anytinh

Answer #3

See your doctor but there is laser treatment available.

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