Which satellite provider would you recommend?

DIRECTV or Dish Network? I have DIRECTV right now, but am thinking of switching to Dish Network to get a few months of cheaper service, free HD and a DVR. Where I live, DIRECTV isn’t offering local channels but Dish Network is. It would seem I have an easy decision, but I always hear about Dish Network’s signal not being very reliable and having a lot of problems with customer satisfaction. If you have Dish Network, do you like it? If you’ve had both, which did you prefer?

Answer #1

Ive had both and i wouldnt recommend either one of them. Directv constantly gave us problems, messed up the billing, sent idiots younger than me to my home to set things up and when we cancelled expected us to climb up and take their sattelite down and mail it to them. I would never go with them again. Dish network was okay, but i hate satellites now and you loose the signal everytime the wind blows or it rains…

Answer #2

Dish Network is cheaper, so I’ve been using it. The only time I have trouble with the signal is during storms, luckily with DVR, it really isnt an issue because I just watch previously recorded programs. Their customer service is fine. I have heard good things about direct tv, but it isnt enough to make me want to pay more. I get all my services, it is cheaper, and so far I havent had any complaints…

Answer #3

If you are able your bast best is a hard line, I have fiber internet and television and I love it.

Answer #4

Optimum is really good. Plus you get a free iphone or $200 gift card when you sign up.We have had it a while and it’s good.Direct Tv gave us problems galore.Then when we got rid of them they wouldn’t takke the satellite off the roof!They said it was ours and our job to get rid of it.

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