What's the saddest music video?

Answer #1

That would vary on what emotions make you sad.

Answer #2

heartbreak, abuse, stuff like that

Answer #3

You may consider this one sad.

Answer #4

I’m going to go with these two:

What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood

Both are extremely sad to me.

Answer #5

If you’re looking for one on abuse, Concrete Angel by Martina McBride is pretty sad too.

Answer #6

yeah, i do. i watched this one before

Answer #7

Whiskey lullaby by brad paisley

Answer #8

Here is one from a while back.

Answer #9

That is a good one, nice song.

Answer #10

Brand New’s song Limousine, about a little girl who died in a car crash by a drunken man.

Answer #11

it’s not a real music video, but it still has perfect pictures describing the song. Very sad song if you look up the story and lyrics behind it.

Answer #12

look up I’d come for you~nickelback

Answer #13

jonestown tea- OTEP

that is one sad screwed up anger charged song about incest and the suffering and feelings involved.

Answer #14

No contest: Track = Drive; Band = Cars; Video = Live Aid

Warning: Video includes heartbreaking scenes of starving and dying children.

Answer #15

across 5 aprils, a year from now,

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