What's the saddest music video?

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That would vary on what emotions make you sad.

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heartbreak, abuse, stuff like that

Who is the guy in Taylor Swift's music video Tim McGraw?

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You may consider this one sad.

What's your favorite music video?
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I'm going to go with these two:

What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts
Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood

Both are extremely sad to me.

What are some good fun made music videos?

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If you're looking for one on abuse, Concrete Angel by Martina McBride is pretty sad too.

What are some really sad music videos?
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yeah, i do.
i watched this one before

Over my head music video

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Whiskey lullaby by brad paisley

What is this music video..?
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Here is one from a while back.

When is the music video Mine by Taylor Swift suppose to debut?

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That is a good one, nice song.

Does Emilie Autumn got a official music video in youtube?
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Brand New's song Limousine, about a little girl who died in a car crash by a drunken man.

How much weight did Shakira lose for her music videos "She Wolf" and "Loca"?
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it's not a real music video, but it still has perfect pictures describing the song. Very sad song if you look up the story and lyrics behind it.

What are some funny or easy songs to make music videos to?
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look up
I'd come for you~nickelback

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jonestown tea- OTEP

that is one sad screwed up anger charged song about incest and the suffering and feelings involved.

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No contest:
Track = Drive; Band = Cars; Video = Live Aid

Video includes heartbreaking scenes of starving and dying children.

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across 5 aprils, a year from now,

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