Sad Story of My Dogs Crime

well I have 2 pitbulls one is a female but its little not even to have puppies yet and the other one is a male and he’s big now fully grown to say. Well today my neighbors dogs came to my home and since my neighbor wasnt at home I called her up and told her that her dogs were in my property she told me that she couldnt go for them since she was working and I tried to get them over to her yard but they just wouldnt let me get them and would run away from me so she told me to just leave them in my property I was ok with it since the day before that her dogs were in my yard too and my dogs hadnt done anything to them soo my dog at the moment hadnt done anything bad to them. Well to make the story short my male pitbull killed my neighbors dogs they were three fully grown chihuahuas my dog ended up killing them I just think he was jealous of the other dogs coming over since they were around my little female pitbull and shes not very little but not big enough to breed I think…Well while my dog was killing them one by one I was so mad and fustrated I didnt know what to do, I would scream at him and he just wouldnt listen so I thought to myself I were to go out and try to save the dogs that were still alive at the moment but what if my dog attacks me, He wouldnt listen at all to me and just kept on killing the first dog that he had in his mouth, so I never went out and from the door I was just screaming but my dog never listened…I would say my dog wasnt on his regular dog senses and just killed all three dogs like nothing, unfotunately I had to tell my neighbor I reallly know she is sad but just doesnt really show it she just tells me that its fine and that its not my dogs fault she said that it was her dogs fault for comming over to my property…Well now that all of this tragedy happened I was thinking of maybe buying her like a little couple of chihuhuas since those are the kind of dogs that she likes and I know it wouldnt replace the ones she had specially since they were 3 dogs that my dog killed or possibly 4 since another little dog of hers is missing and havent found him dead in my property and there are just no signs of that dog and well I know that they were really special to her. But I just think it might be something nice to do if I get her like a little baby couple of chihuahuas or some other kind of dogs as long as they are puppies…So for today my father is going to take our male pitbull with him to his home and well my male pitbull will no longer be in my home only the female since she’s still small…Well just tell me what you think about his situation ill surely appreciate your comments…just funmail me or comment me Thanks for taking your time for reading this

Answer #1

Phrannie has the right answer. Your dog needs to be removed from the area of anything that is small enough for it to kill. Now that it has that instinct to kill it will always have that problem. Your dog now needs to be under a special plan and care with a lot of attention to overcome the issues that have now been instilled in your dog.

We have a lot of stray cats that live all around us. I think the teenagers will throw one over the fence at times and my female boxer will go after a running cat in a heart beat and she will kill it, instinctively if she can catch it. BUT and here is the differences. I can yell MISTY NO! and she will stop dead still. She doesn’t want to but that has been also trained in her since she was a puppy. Fortunately it has saved some of the cats when I hear the commotion. ( I love cats by the way and have two in the house that she never bothers)

This has been an unfortunate experience for you. Your dog is very lucky your neighbor didn’t turn it in. I am glad to hear you are trying to do something about this horrible incident in a positive manner.

Go to your neighbor and tell her what you are doing to try and correct what has happened and talk to her offer to assist her in getting another dog. But don’t go get one for her. Getting a dog is very personal as I am sure you know.

You should think about enrolling in obedience classes with your female very good advice.

Good luck. I am sorry you have learned a very hard lesson and a very sad one.

Answer #2

The problem with your male killing the three Chi’s is that once he’s done this, it’s HELL trying to break them of attacking, and trying to KILL other dogs…A dog in the “red zone” hears and sees nothing, for all intents and purposes, it’s momentarily insane. It’s good you didn’t go out there, many people have been badly bit trying to break up a dog fight. That doesn’t mean the male is non-people friendly, it just means that at THAT moment, he might bite at anything. Ok, so hopefully you’ve learned a hard lesson…and you’ll start working with your female right now…obedience, socialization with people, and with other dogs…take her to an obedience class, where she’ll get a good dose of both.

As for getting your neighbor a couple of new dogs…I can understand your guilt, and the reasons you might want to do that…BUT, you need to talk to her first…tell her what you’re thinking…She may not be ready to get any new dogs…and she may very well not want TWO new dogs at one time. This is a decision for your neighbor to make…not YOU…no matter how badly you feel.


Answer #3


Truthfully? If your dog does NOT listen to you enough to look at you and stop killing another animal, you haven’t trained your animal right.

Any dog who would see you as its “master” would immediately stop what they were doing at the word “NO”. Simply, you are responsible. People say “oh the dog did it”–it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the OWNER’s fault. It’s your fault. For not training your dog right, for not establishing your dominance over this dog, and just watching as he butchered a family’s pets.

Shameful, imo. This is the reason pitbulls have a bad reputation–owners who do NOT train them correctly.

Answer #4

to tell you the truth and not be mean I think your a p*y because no offense im only 14 and I stoped my german shepards fight from a pitbull and you didnt care enough about those dogs even if they werent urs you couldove helped save there lives but you didnt because you were scared that you were gonna get biten…just think if you wouldove helped those dogs they could still be alive…u may of come out a lil injured but you would of saved 3 lives

Answer #5

If I were the Animal Control Officer in your area, I would charge you with felony aggravated animal abuse. You have an animal aggressive dog, who is probably human aggressive also. There is no excuse for your dog’s behavior except that he wasn’t trained properly. Do NOT purchase more dogs for your neighbor. They will just be killed by your dog also.

Answer #6

I think your dog needs some serious training, and you and your family too. Just so it doesnt happen again. It’s really no ones fault. You got lucky though, your neighbor could’ve had your pit put down for being agressive. Chihuhuas are EXPENSIVE dogs. My mom wants to breed them. She is paying off a $700 payment on one right now and she’s not even old enough to breed yet! Make sure you dont get two dogs in the same family in case they breed because that can ruin the puppy.

Answer #7

My Male pitbull is my dad’s though I had him here since he had to go out of town for a while but he was comming for him today, but the pitbull is actually people friendly he just got agressive with the dogs today like I said for my female puppy and my dogs neighbors came to my property and I have no idea how they got here since we have a fence all around it so no dog can get in but I guess they made a hole or something

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