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I lost my phone sony ericsson S500i what should I do? I've been crying all thru...I really can't do without it!!

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calling the manufactuer only deactvates your line. if its an at&t phone all you have to do is stick another sims card in it and you will have a new phone. whether you steal it or not. on at&t phones tho there is a number that you get when you typ ein like 06*# I will look it up. but you type that in and a number will appear and if you remember that number...if your phone ever gets stolen then you can call at&t and the phone will be uselss totally.

just ask for another phone... that's really all you can do. sorry

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have you tried to call it? maybe someone will answer it and will be honest to give you your phone back

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When I lost my phone I rang the manufacturer and they deactivated it for me so if anyone had stolen became useless to them :)

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No, calling the manufacturer deactivated my phone completely, calling a service provider would deactivate the line or number. I quoted a special number...and they deactivated it, rendering it useless.

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yeah that's what I was talking about. its a good thing that you did that so if someone stole it. it was totally useless. good things you had the number

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hey, I've lost too many phones. The only way to stop the pain quickly is ask a friend for an old phone, youd be surprised how many people have them around. get the sim card, charge it up, and your in business. It likely wont compare to the phone you lost but it gets you back in the loop. In the future, DONT buy super nice phones. a phone that serves its purpose is good enough, you will lose them. Also put a sticker on the back sayin reward if returned and your home number, even if your bs about the reward lol

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