Running out of song ideas

While in my 3rd period today at school,I was trying to come up with a new song for Death Float my new CD coming in March,and it took me over 15 minutes to finally come up with one,does this mean I may have more trouble in the future seeing that I have a passion for writing songs as well as graphic designing?

Answer #1

nah… songs come out of expierence… hard to expierence things when you’re stuck in school. just get out and do stuff, and you will be inspired.. try some writer’s block exercises… you can find them online. sometimes they’re like try writing with your non dominant hand (it engages the other half of your brain) or they’ll give you a topic to write about… different stuff… helps stimulate the mind.

Answer #2

a good song will probably take a lot longer than 15 minutes to come up with

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