Is it better to run in the morning, or the evening?

And before or after you have eaten?

Answer #1

Honestly it depends on you as a person. I know that most people say that you burn the most calories when you run in the evenings. Also from personal experience you can get cramps if you run on a full stomach. I run in the afternoons these days, I am too tired in the mornings and have to be out of the house soon. Running in the morning is also good because you’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day. So basically whatever you want to, but don’t eat a huge meal before you run, you’ll might get some cramps.

Answer #2

In one of the wellness institution here, they said it is advisable for you to do such a wellness exercise after two hours of your meal. Say if you want to jog or run in the morning at 6am, you should have eaten 2 hours before and that’s on 4 am. Eating 2 hours before the activity would make your body be prepared for the activity, and it allows your body digest the food you’ve eaten and convert it to energy.

Answer #3

I think run in the morning is way better :D since you have full energy after getting up it works much better than when you do it in the evening (; You should avoid running after you’ve eaten,cause it’s no may cause your digestive problems…

Answer #4

As far as I know, blood sugar level will be the lowest in the morning, so it’s better to run in afternoons when body gets sufficiently warmed up to do any sort of exercise.

Answer #5

It depends on the person, really. Running in the evening can make you tired, so you fall asleep quickly. But, running in the morning can make you refreshed and ready to go in the morning :)

Answer #6

i run both hours but i really like evening while its nice and cool outide but the bad thing is that is when mosquitos like to come out and bite u

Answer #7

i also like afternoon but it gets really hot out

Answer #8

It all depends on you. Are you a morning pearson? Or are you an afternoon pearson? I personally like it trough like mid day, I started walking and I Don’t like the morning, too cold, and the afternoon, just too crowded, so i go when most people aret there and I can you know enjoy the outside. But really it all depends on you.

Answer #9

i prefer to run in the evenings,your muscles are warmed up a lot more at this stage so you have a much better chance of not injuring yourself also i find a good run helps me sleep

Answer #10

oh and about an hour after eating or alse u will feel sick,and if u run on an empty stomach u will feel wk and dizzy

Answer #11

i prefer running in the morning. it wakes me up and keeps me energized for the day. but ialso run at night sooo idk. haha. its pretty much your decision and upon which on helps you best.

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