Does anyone play rugby?

hey yall.. just wanted to know if anyone plays rugby.. our team got to the barbarian cup but then lost 2 games so we;reout.. the boys.. are going to finals.. and if they win there they win the “cup” I guess you oculd say.. hit me up :)

Answer #1

I play rugby for my school team. we are the Zulus! Hoping to go to a Rugby Club when im done with school. I play prop full-time. im number 3 and I’ve fractured a rib. Hey if rugby were easy it would be called Football :P

Answer #2

hey man what level you play in. I have played a bit, not in a league though. my bro plays for USA and italy world level right now. tough sport what position do you play? my bro plays wing.

Answer #3

hi, my college team are 2nd nationally, in the last national tournament, the game is loads better than football with all the diving and crying with a scratch.

I play the infamous number 13 and my injuries show that lol.

Answer #4

lol I’ma prop… and I play for my skewl.. hopeing to move on to you level.. some day.. lol :)

Answer #5

I luv rugbe its awesome!!

Answer #6


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