Rubber Band Ball

How do you start a rubber band ball? I can’t seem to figure out how to get a new rubber band ball started.

Answer #1

I hate to say this start with a rubber band, I have made a rubber band ball and it’s the size of a baskitball and I can honestly say that it is all rubber. in the begging dont worry about it looking like a ball that will come later. when u star its going to look like a minture tied up rope. if u have any questions will free to message me.

Answer #2

or a bouncy ball cos its rubber like the bands and will hold better

Answer #3

I’ve got no clue!! I guess by warping it around a marble mabey?

Answer #4

or start with a rubberband ball that you can buy at an office supply store.

Answer #5

just start wrapping them around a marble ?

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