what do you think of the royal wedding?

Answer #1

Royal wedding does involve lot of money and it is a grand wedding to be remembered not only for the couple but for also the people who have witnessed that wedding

Answer #2

i thnk its bullshit because if u reallly want a good wedding it should juss be private or with family because its supposed to b and intimate and life long memory not where everybody is watching u and they can judge u …and it should have to be very expensive it should juss be a litttle wedding because thn its more romantic

Answer #3

errr… more important things goin on in the world…

Answer #4

it’s all false, they want all press they for pictures and attention but give it a few months after and theyll be complaining about invasion of privacy :)

Answer #5

Yes, but that might not be possible. They may feel obliged to invite leaders and other persons around the world, as it is a ‘significant’ event. Of course it’s going to receive a lot of publicity - I think it would be very difficult to just have a small wedding.

Answer #6

i luv how the queens gunna get wasted lool she orderd 300 bottles of champnge

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