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I have just the 16mbps internet internet connection threw comcast in florida.,and didnt order the cable t.v..but the cable is on and if I connected with a cable I could have free cable in my room.question is .in my room Im connected to the router threw a netgear wn111v2 and antenna.I have a feeling that it is some how possible to pick up the comcast cable from the router and move the signal to my t.v. In my room.the t.v. In my room is on the new digital converter to pick up digital seems to have unknow potential I have not tapped into a router signal a digital signal???I want to catch the signal from the router to my computer then broadcast it to my t.v. Via the digital reciever.can it be done .???if not maybe someone needs to invent this.I just cant run a cable to my room,so Im looking from a wireless measure.thanks.

Answer #1

There is a device called SLINGBOX that would allow you to do what I think you’re asking — it would connect where your cable comes in, and then, because it’s also connected to the internet, you can watch it in your room which as I am understanding you do not have in your room.

The Comcast Cable in most areas has “basic” cable on it for free — well, free is relative because you ARE being charged for basic cable if you only got the cable for the internet itself. That’s another topic.

If I understand you properly — your cable comes in another room, and the router is connected there, and you are connected to the internet by a wireless connection.

If that is true — then the SLINGBOX would do perfectly for what you want to do… BUT — it’s like $250! for the one you would probably want! A LOT cheaper to just get cable run into your room!!!

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