Rough sex

Ok I have a question I just saw an advice and it say that rough sex decrease a women from getting pregnant? And that if you stand up when he is “done” sperm will fall down and that will decrease a person from getting pregnant? And peeing after sex will do the same?? Is this true??? I`m just curious. Hope you would help.

Answer #1

wow. we only wish. haha

Answer #2

Myths - pregnancy possible.

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Answer #4

None of those things will prevent or decrease the chance of pregnancy.

The only way to decrease your chances is with an approved form of birth control, and the only way to completely prevent it is with abstinence.

Answer #5

uhhh… no I don’t think sperm can fall down… I did however think that if a guy didn’t have it loaded it might decrease at least a small percentage but… well I’m not an expert anyways.

but yeah they’re basically just myths. sry to break it to ya.

Answer #6

NO NO and NO Where ever you got that from, it’s someone who does NOT know what they are talking about.

It’s good that you are asking, because if you didn’t check out what you hear, you or one of your friends might end up pregnant.

Answer #7

When you say “decrease the chance”…maybe by 1%…that isn’t hardly worth taking the risk…

If you don’t want to get pregnant…then USE something!!!


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