What are some of the most romantic movies of all time?

Answer #1

Titanic, The Notebook…

Answer #2

I love the note book too. I also like a walk to remember

Answer #3

P.S. I Love You

Answer #4

A really beautiful romantic Christmas movie thats awesome is A Wonderful Life. But if you think the Twilight series is romantic I’m not talking to you anymore. It’s cheap crap!Hehe!

Answer #5

The books are romantic, the films are forced and laughable.

Answer #6

The Notebook, I also like Pretty Woman, A walk to Remember, PS I love you was great,Fools Rush in and the list goes on for me.. I haven’t seen Blue Valentine yet, but that also looks awesome.

Answer #7

Although most people think action flick when you say “Gone with the wind”, i think its romantic :) also some classics like “romeo and juliet” and “lonesome dove”

Answer #8

“Life is Beautiful” is my favorite love-story film, though it’s as much comedy and tragedy as romance.

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