What is the best romance movie there is out there in your opinion?

I think the Notebook is very romantic <3 <3 what about you FA users? =D

Answer #1

Personally, I don’t watch many romances. However, there is one that out shines the rest. Titanic. Personally, the best of all the romantic films I have seen, which is about 6 in my life.

Answer #2

Aw I love that movie =) So sad but romantic =’)

Answer #3

Some of my favorites: Definatly, Maybe. The Notebook. Just Like Heavan. Brokeback Mountain. A Lot Like Love. Secretary. Patch Addams.

Answer #4

Awsome! I have heard of those movies but never saw them execpt the Notebook =)

Answer #5

I am not really into Romantic movies either…but I have to agree, Titanic is still by far the most Romantic yet saddest movie I have ever seen since Madam X (A Classic old movie! The saddest romantic movie I have ever seen my entire life! You have it all, betrayal, grief, sacrifices, secrets and all in the name of love, if you dont cry in this movie you are as tough as nails…)

Answer #6

I cired every time I watched it =’(

Answer #7


Answer #8

Which one titanic? I still do! Every time I see it… :( (I am just an emotional softy) :P

Answer #9

So am I =’)

Answer #10

lmfao, we need to call it The Emotional Clan Of FA…If you get emotional when watching Titanic, then your in…If you dont…we have to hv a meeting & consider if we just like you regardless! What say u?! :P (Too too funny!)

Answer #11

Not entirely about romance but my favorite is Love Actually.

Answer #12

Ha sure! =D yay!

Answer #13

At least I know I am not alone…being the emotional girly at times too, not just the b!tch…see behind every b!tch lays a girly inside. :P

Answer #14

I am a girly girly but I can be mean sometimes =P

Answer #15

Haven’t heard of it but I’m sure it’s good =)

Answer #16

Titanic, I think ;P

Answer #17

Awsome =)

Answer #18

The Notebook and Dear John :) Best movies ever<33 .! lol thoughs are the only movies that popped in my head..

Answer #19

that’s cool though I have not heard of Dear John but I’m sure it’s good =)

Answer #20

oh my goodness.! Really? :O You have to see that movie.! :) Its wonderful<33 Heres the trailer: http://funadvice.com/r/bem8q9teoie

Answer #21

we all can sweetie…;P

Answer #22

Yay so I don’t have to feel bad =)

Answer #23

OMG it’s kinda like Letters to Juilet =) Now I wnat to see it! =) Looks so smazing! =’D

Answer #24

absolutely not! :P

Answer #25


Answer #26

Yay! XP

Answer #27

ahahhahaahahh “twilight” duhh …….. :) And “ a walk to remember” <– this one is really good

Answer #28

Twilght is good too =)

Answer #29

ahha yea(: buttt Dear John came out before letters to juliet came our so ha.! lol yea its amazing<33 :) hope you like it.

Answer #30

I will see if I can find it =)

Answer #31

Notebook! I think!

Answer #32

Cool =)

Answer #33

kayy :)

Answer #34

That’s my fav too

Answer #35

Too many to list… Love Actually, City of Angels, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Atonement, The Notebook, Notting Hill, 50 First Dates, America’s Sweethearts, A Walk to Remember, While You Were Sleeping, 10 Things I Hate About You, My Fair Lady, French Kiss, Sweet November, Casanova, Something’s Gotta Give, Cruel Intentions, Beauty and the Beast, Howl’s Moving Castle

Answer #36

Well Allison, it is also a Christmas movie so you should rent it if you haven’t seen it.

Answer #37

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

Answer #38

Awsomeness =)

Answer #39

Haven’t heard of it but I’m sure it’s good =)

Answer #40

Cool! I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast, The Notebook, 10 things I hate about you and A walk to remember =)

Answer #41

Notebook! <3

Answer #42

Awsome =)

Answer #43

A movie Called “The invisible”,Serach for it it’s one of the greatest to me :) it goes arround a school,and it has crime and love(when i mean crime i mean the main caracter gets killed,or so he thinks…)

Answer #44

Cool =)

Answer #45

Agreed, Titanic hits every one of my emotions all probably 50+times I’ve watched, over the years

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