Can you use a Guitar Hero guitar for Rockband?

can you use a guitar for guitar hero for rockband?

Answer #1

How about you use your mind. Rock band isn’t “only” drums. Wow. Smart much. It’s called a guitar and bass part. Yes you can however, but I’ve tried using a Rock Band guitar on GH and that didn’t work.

Answer #2

a no… rock band is drums, and gutair hero is gutairs… use your mind

Answer #3

yea you can,,, I no I rock at em..

Answer #4

I love guitar hero ! and rockbands <3

Answer #5

sweet I can go buy rockband

Answer #6

yes you can but you can not use the rock band guitar for guitar hero

Answer #7

Yeah. I actually like using the Guitar Hero guitars better than the ones that came with rockband.

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