Where to go on our road trip?

so my bffs liz and elissa and I are going to go on a road trip as soon as liz and I are 18… we are always grounded and our parents are so overprotective and the whole point of the trip is going to be based on GETTING FAR AWAY AND HAVING FUN! any ideas on how to save up gas money or where to go? we live in ohio and elissa is in NY

Answer #1

thanks katie good answer!

Answer #2

im so excited for it! CALIFORNIA! THEY SELL WEED IN THE PRODUCE SECTION! joke but really, thts where we’re ending, maybe head down to TJ?

Answer #3

haha ok

Answer #4

where is that?

Answer #5

go everywhere and have fun act stupid..lol

Answer #6


Answer #7

yah lol I love that answer!!! we totally should!!!

Answer #8

I am so freaking excited you dont even know..haha we are gunna have so much fun!!!hahaha lets go to fuggin texas

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