What if ripped condom pieces may be inside me?

I recently had s*x and the condom ripped inside of me. I know that you can possibly get preg that way so my boyfriend and I went out to purchase the plan b. but I'm afraid that I have peices of condom still in me. my boyfriend was fingering me and a fingertip size came out. what should I do? (by the way boyfriend and me back together!)

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Well today you are a female again. On Saturday you were a married man and you asked the following question. I'm still confused fau!!

What if my wife wants a divorce?
Asked by fau Aug 25, 2007
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My wife and I was having problems. She started to talk to an old friend and that bothered me and was having a hard time letting it go. At my job I delt with many repeat customers and ended up making a friend. It was a female and we talked on the phone all th time. I did tell my wife alittle about it but not much sence it seemed to me that she was doing her own thing. Me cell bill was very large 1 time from talking to this lady. Now my wife thinks I cheated on her or still am... I never cheated on her, and never would. I love her very much but she wants a divorce now. What do I do? we have 6year old and 9mo old.

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Use a douche just to make sure it all came out. If an infection occurs, see a doctor because there may still be some trapped inside.

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