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Ridiculous prices for shoes and people's ignorance/stupidity?

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Ok so I want to know why people buy Nike shoes and stuff?Why I ask why pay over hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes??It's ridiculous really I want to know why people buy these shoes if the most common ones are just the exact same design and model but different colors.They pay low wages to other countries that make the shoes and make huge profits and I am shocked that people still buy them.

"Nike has been criticized for contracting with factories in countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. Vietnam Labour Watch, an activist group, has documented that factories contracted by Nike have violated minimum wage and overtime laws in Vietnam as late as 1996, although Nike claims that this practice has been halted.During the 1990s, Nike faced criticism for use of child labor in Cambodia and Pakistan as well as Green, Ohio in factories it contracted to manufacture soccer balls.they continue to contract their production to companies that operate in areas where inadequate regulation and monitoring make it hard to ensure that child labour is not being used.Despite campaignsto stop this, however, Nike's annual revenues have increased from $6.4 billion in 1996 to nearly $17 billion in 2007, according to the company's annual reports."

^ I found that to be shocking and stupid that people still buy these kinds of shoes despite campaings that make people aware of the issue and the people that choose to ignore it.

I mean like other shoe companies like Ecko I understand why they would charge over a hundred dollars because they're designs are Hand-drawn and painted and for the time/labor. Also at least their design doesn't circle around one design or look it sports more and looks classier and more nice looking those are some wonderful shoes but still please give me you intake on this IDC what kind of comments they are as long as they are about this subject.