Riddle, a woman has 7 children half are boys

A woman has 7 children, half of them are boys.
How can this be possible?

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theres 8 people if you count the mother, so half of "them" would mean she has 4 sons.

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wow that messed with my head !!

ANSWER #3 of 12

lmao. ones a transvestite??
I have no clue. tinatoddler sounded like the best answer to me.

ANSWER #4 of 12

ok ok...ALL the children are boys, so 1/2 half are boys and so is the other half.

ANSWER #5 of 12

its not possible!! Tell us!

ANSWER #6 of 12

aw damn! well...I guess my answer still works.. kind of..

ANSWER #7 of 12

one of them isn't hers? oh man...I don't know

ANSWER #8 of 12

good one!

ANSWER #9 of 12

I dont get it???

ANSWER #10 of 12

I thought that too at first but no

ANSWER #11 of 12

one is a transvestite?

ANSWER #12 of 12

LOL - a good lateral thinking question. gave me a headache...

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