Who can guess this riddle about the photograph?

I was a male and if I pointed to a photo of a man and said … Brothers and sisters I have none, but this mans father is my fathers son … Who is the man in the photo ?

Answer #1

You showed them a picture of yourself.

I think the more disturbing part is that you specified that you were a male in the past tense. Are you spontaneously changing gender from one to the other? Because I would definetly see a doctor if that’s the case.

Take care!

Answer #2

This man…would be your son. I think.

Because…if he was your son, then his father would be you. And your father’s son is you.


Answer #3

he is talking about himself.

Answer #4

His son.

the man in the picture is his son be cause if he is the only child and the picture is of his fathers son then its him.

Answer #5

sounds like his dad?

trucky riddle

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